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The Buddha from Babylon has been selected
DOUBLE WINNER of the 11th Annual USA Best Book Awards (Dec. 2014) for both
HISTORY - General (nonfiction) & RELIGION - Eastern Religions
Silver Medal WINNER for Religion (Eastern/Western) from Independent Publisher's 2015 IPPY Award (May 2015)
Honorable Mentions from LA Book Festival Awards (Mar. 2015)
for two categories...SPIRITUAL and General NON-FICTION books
Amazon Best Seller (2 categories/History of Buddhism)

T H E    B U D D H A    F R O M    B A B Y L O N

The Lost History and Cosmic Vision of Siddhartha Gautama


The first complete biography of the Buddha's journey from prodigy through maturity to ultimate achievement.
Here you'll discover the long-lost missing parts in the greatest hero story of ancient Asia. The Buddha from Babylon is based on evidence that in the sixth century B.C.E. the seer-philosopher Siddhartha Gautama had gone to Babylon where he became a popular leader. But, after a mysterious assassination, as a Persian general seizes the throne and orchestrates a religious purge, Siddhartha must head back for the Indus where he finally achieves Perfect Enlightenment
and unveils his cosmic vision of Existence.


A spiritual thriller and historical epic, an exploration of the common roots of Eastern and Western religious beliefs, and a groundbreaking narrative of the Buddha's life and deep wisdom...with an enlightened ending.

A profound work of literature exploring the quest for understanding the meaning of life. Against the backdrop of conquerors seeking immortality, an enlightened leader declares that the noble path to peace, compassion and harmony will be achieved through the self-transformation of mortals to a higher evolutionary state.

The reader is invited on a ride across the vast universe of Cosmic Buddhism.
It is a transporting, thought-provoking experience, at once
a journey to the stars and the gateway to the portal of divine self-discovery.

It’s being called a “seminal work” brimming with insight and farsighted visions, providing a “revolutionary” look at spiritual history, the original views of the soul, sin, the afterlife, reincarnation, karma, and the world's shared legacy, the quest for divine salvation.

An epic revelation of the Buddha’s role in bridging the varied religious views of his time, and his determination to guide humanity onto the path of enlightenment. Although he lived so very long ago, his message could have potentially significant implications to the shaping of our future civilization.

The Buddha from Babylon
Now available in Paperback AND e-Book (Kindle) editions

528 pages   |    Language: English   |    Dimensions: 9 x 6 x inches|   List Price:  $19.95
Publisher: SelectBooks, Inc.  | Wholesale orders: Midpoint Trade Books


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Examples of human Buddha faces from Temple Mes Aynak dig in Afghanistan (courtesy of Brent Huffman)

Independent Book Review in Forward Reviews by Meg Nola (May 2014)

Kraft’s speculative biography will provoke spirited debate while offering an engrossing review of the Buddha’s life and wisdom...He is clearly passionate about Buddhism, as evidenced by this work, which blends historical fact and rich prose like the spinning of empyrean silk. > Go to MEDIA PAGE  for more.


Mariel Hemingway

"The history of the Buddha is compelling. To know the truth of where and how Buddhism all began still holds mystery...The Buddha from Babylon could be the answer to many questions... This is a fascinating and hugely informative read."
— Mariel Hemingway, actor and producer, starred in films
Manhattan, Star 80, Lipstick, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. She is host of "Spiritual Cinema," a monthly television show dedicated to spiritual films. She is co-author of Running with Nature: Stepping into the Life You Were Meant to Live.


David Rasch

"Harvey Kraft’s ambitious and groundbreaking book, The Buddha from Babylon, challenges conventional beliefs about who the Buddha actually was and shows how Buddhism began just as the military might of the Persian Empire arises. The author has made a compelling case for a socially engaged Buddha who will take the reader on a mind-expanding journey in search of life's deepest meaning and purpose. Harvey Kraft has written a well-crafted historical thriller based on years of research that will entertain, engage and raise consciousness."
David Rasch, PhD, Psychologist/Ombuds at Stanford University, and author of The Blocked Writer’s Book of the Dead


Wanda Krause

“It is really a seminal research work that at the same time I couldn't put down. For all the wisdom it gently delivers, I will have to re-read many times. The Buddha from Babylon appears at a critical time. Answering our most burning questions about existence and purpose, the book provides extensive and profound insight through the weaving in of numerous stories that simultaneously keeps one craving to learn more. Fully aware of the crossroads of destruction and evolution at which humanity currently stands and the difficulty for humanity to change course, Harvey Kraft offers yet clear and simple transformational strategies through the teachings and example of Siddhartha Gautama. Turning common understanding of who Buddha is on its head, I believe, this is the most comprehensively written and researched piece intertwining cosmic, religious and political history. As essentially a theory of everything, this seminal work offers interfaith scholars and spiritual activists a new understanding of Buddha’s role, our origin, our interconnectedness and thus the transformational strategies we need to truly shape our shared future."
Wanda Krause, PhD, former assistant professor at Qatar Foundation and Qatar University, is the author of Spiritual Activism: Keys to Personal and Political Success, and Civil Society and Women Activists in the Middle East: Islamic and Secular Organizations in Egypt (Library of Modern Middle East Studies)

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