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25 Key Topics for Readers of this Book

01   How did ancient seers imagine the Universe?

02   When were gods and spirits first discovered?

03   Why did civilization begin with religion at its center?

04  Why did the clergy and military leaders work together?

05   Why was achieving immortality in the afterlife so critical?

06   Who was Siddhartha Gautama: where did he grow up, his tribe, family, and heritage?

07   Why did he go to Babylon and what did he accomplish there?

08   Why was the Persian Emperor assassinated and the Magi Order purged?

09   Were Zoroaster and Gautama contemporary competitors?

10   Why is the original Buddhism that the Buddha taught so totally dedicated to peace?

11   How does Buddhism compare with other religions known during Buddha’s lifetime?

12   What is the Perfect Enlightenment achieved by the Buddha?

13   Are there other types of enlightenment, and if so, what are they?

14   What is the meaning of Karma?

15   Is the Buddha Dharma, or Universal Truth, the same as a Theory of Everything?

16   What are the four cosmologies of Buddhism?

17   What were the teachings of Greek philosophers living during Buddha’s lifetime?

18   Is there a connection between Babylonian Ziggurats and Buddhist Stupa?

19   Who was the real Devadatta and why did the Buddha forgive him?

20   Why is the Middle Path the gateway into the realm of boundless wisdom?

22   How are meditative contemplations or harmonic frequencies used to self-transform?

21   How does the Buddha explain the self, soul, death, suffering, chaos and liberation?

23   How does the Buddha redefine the roles of God and Nature?

24   What is the Buddha’s gift that he leaves behind for humanity?

25   What is the ultimate purpose of the Buddha’s cosmic teachings?


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Early sculpture of standing philosopher Buddha from ancient Gandhara (Pakistan/Afghanistan)

Early sculpture of standing philosopher Buddha from ancient Gandhara (Pakistan/Afghanistan)

Controversial Reasons to Inspire inquiry of the Buddha's Identity

1.   Was the Buddha really born in Nepal or northeast India, or did he come from someplace else?

2.   Did Siddhartha Gautama grow up in isolation before he became enlightened, or could he have been a highly educated man versed in religious symbolism, astronomy, mathematics/sacred geometry, and philosophy?

3.   During the lifetime of the Buddha, when the Persian Empire ruled from Egypt to the Indus, could he have been unaware of their presence?

4.    Could it be that Siddhartha Gautama assumed the throne of Babylon and became the Chief of the Babylonian Magi?

 5.   Did the Buddha teach only his followers, or did he also engage in public debates?

6.   How did Siddhartha Gautama learn to be a shaman-seer capable of grand cosmic visions?

7.   What was the original purpose of the Buddha?