Harvey Kraft is author of The Buddha from Babylon, DOUBLE WINNER of USA Best Book Awards in 2 categories: HISTORY - General (nonfiction) & RELIGION - Eastern Religions

BuddhaScope: Tweetable Bites of Enlightened Wisdom _an interactive social book

Today I’m happy to announce the launch of BuddhaScope: Tweetable Bites of Enlightened Wisdom __an interactive AhaBook you can share on social media!

BuddhaScope was inspired by the enlightened wisdom of the Buddha about the best qualities of human beings and our potential to come together to create a harmonious world. This AhaBook includes 140+ thoughtful AhaMessages organized into 15 sections (see #hashtags below) and each pearl of wisdom is a tweetable bite of less than 140 characters.

This AhaBook is “a synergy of meaningful, uplifting insights and a leap forward in social book technology."

USE IT to TRANSFORM yourself and your relationships.
Become AUTHENTIC in your business or personal life.
SHARE IT! Show that you THINK about the bigger picture!
USE IT to BECOME a Thought Leader!

Choose one daily to Give ‘n Grow: Expand your mind, engage, find your purpose and spread encouragement.

How to get your BuddhaScope AhaBook?
CLiCK HERE for the Book link.

Register for FREE. Your AhaAmplifier Membership will take you to the BuddhaScope landing page, as well as give you access to many free AhaBooks in the AhaLibrary

Once you’re routed to the BuddhaScope page you’ll be able to view the first three AhaMessages in the book from the #Compassion section.

To share the AhaMessages with your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ connections, you’ll need to buy BuddhaScope! It’s available for only $1.99, but for a limited time only, to celebrate the launch of the book, I am pleased to provide you with a $1 discount. Get it NOW for only 99¢ when you buy the AhaBook using this COUPON: BudS111ha (expires in 30 days).

READ or SHARE! Owners can use the “Advance/Rewind” or “Surprise Me” button to navigate through the AhaMessages. To view all 140+ on a single page, type @BuddhaScope in SEARCH. Access it at any time just by signing in.

TOPICS: Table of Contents – Sections: #Compassion, #Inspirational, #Relationships, #Wellness, #Visionary, #Wisdom, #Existence, #Universe, #Reality, #Evolution, #Consciousness, #Awareness, #Destiny, #Transformation, #Success, #Happiness + bonus

BuddhaScope: Tweetable Bites of Enlightened Wisdom
By Harvey Kraft
Available NOW - Click HERE!

Harvey Kraft is the author of the award-winning historical epic, The Buddha from Babylon: The Lost History and Cosmic Vision of Siddhartha Gautama (SelectBooks, Inc.). Available at selected booksellers and at

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