Harvey Kraft is author of The Buddha from Babylon, DOUBLE WINNER of USA Best Book Awards in 2 categories: HISTORY - General (nonfiction) & RELIGION - Eastern Religions

Who Was the Buddha from Babylon?

In my first blog posting, I'd like to introduce you to the Buddha.

This is a very different Buddha from the one most people know as a statue or through his quotes.

Indeed the Buddha in my new book, The Buddha From Babylon, is a real person who lived some 500 years before the birth of Jesus. Legends place the Buddha exclusively in India, but there is some evidence that challenges this geographical rendition. Using spiritual archeology I have been able to dig up some new clues about his lifetime. They tell a startling story that would shock even the most ardent Buddhists. This Buddha is human, yet he possesses a universal wisdom far ahead of his time, or ours, for that matter. His purpose is to help humanity achieve an evolutionary leap forward.

I hope that this book can lead to a new conversation about him and the legacy he left behind.

Siddhartha Gautama was a prodigy. He grew into a brilliant man brought up in an Arya-Vedic heritage where men aspired to solve the ultimate puzzle of existence: what is the purpose of life? After initially failing to achieve his goal using the religious methods of his day, Siddhartha, prince of the Saka nation, headed for Babylon. There he became the leader of the Magi Order, the interfaith group responsible for the birth of philosophy, astronomy, geometry, astrology, and mathematics. They were also the caretakers of the Babylonian Ziggurats, the step pyramids that served as the cosmic abode of the gods.

After a Persian coup and purge of the Magi Order, Siddhartha returned to the Indus where this time he attained enlightenment. What happened in Babylon in those days has remained a thrilling, twisted mystery for thousands of years...until now! Because of a hole in history the presence of Gautama in that city had been lost.

Written in India after the Buddha's lifetime, the Buddhist scriptures acquired new locations. By the first century CE Buddhist literature reflected that era's religious crafting of the savior-hero legend depicting Buddha as a supernatural, adored, and divine figure. In the absence of his ties to Mesopotamia, Persia and Arya regions, Buddhists naturally must rely exclusively on India's record of Buddhism.

The legendary biography of the Buddha has inspired millions to self-transform and seek a life of kindness toward others. Although The Buddha from Babylon offers an alternative view that demands greater awareness of Buddhism's emergence, its core message of wisdom, aspiration, and compassion continue the tradition of liberating illumination. It's my hope that once people make the connection between the Buddha and Babylon, they will experience the eye-opening vista of his Perfect Enlightenment. This book is not just for Buddhists. It is for all people, as we are all together on the journey of life; we can all evolve to higher consciousness by seeking the greater meaning and purpose of life! Enjoy the ride!