Harvey Kraft is author of The Buddha from Babylon, DOUBLE WINNER of USA Best Book Awards in 2 categories: HISTORY - General (nonfiction) & RELIGION - Eastern Religions

Before Science There Was Cosmic Vision

Long before science, some 2,500 years ago, the Buddha used Cosmic Vision to unveil the Buddha-Dharma, his enlightened, boundless 'Theory of Everything.'

Even before his lifetime ancient seers pontificated on Universal Truth, an invisible order of laws that extended beyond the visible world, beyond death, beyond time and space. Universal Truth had the power to keep all things working in harmonious order. It regulated the cosmos, synchronized all that moved, and bound together the fate of beings. It went by the names Ma’at (Egypt), Emet (Hebrew), Arta (Sumerian), Rta (Vedic), Asha (Zoroaster), Arche (Greek), and Dharma (India).

What was the scope of the Buddha-Dharma vision?

Excerpt, The Buddha from Babylon (Introduction section):

"The Buddha unveiled his Dharma (defined either as Teachings, Truth, Reality, Laws, or Cosmology) in deliberate stages. His Dharma encompassed the True Reality (what is the true nature of things); the fundamental Laws of Existence (how things really work); and a Universe of boundless space-time-scale and dimensions.
        The Buddha-Dharma unveiled the “True Reality of all Existence” as a single integrated system. However, he explained that it was a paradox combining the tangible and transcendent. In the Dharma all things were temporary and changeable, while simultaneously all things were in essence “void” [of relativity]. He included in it the universal “Laws of Existence” that managed nature, the physical laws of matter and energy, the metaphysical laws of life and death, social laws of community, and the inner workings of the mind. The Buddha-Dharma was itself a large operating system governed by the Law of Cause and Effect, creating a dynamic conversation between memories, potentials, desires, manifestations, and relationships interacting within the grand cosmos of existence.

        The Buddha constructed an inseparable link between the consciousness of human beings and the cosmic infrastructure. He then used philosophical, metaphysical, and cosmological devices to describe the cyclical mechanism that brought forth the manifestation, recession, and reconstitution of all phenomena in existence."

By Harvey Kraft, author of "The Buddha from Babylon: The Lost History and Cosmic Vision of Siddhartha Gautama"  SelectBooks Inc. (NY), Pub. May 2014