Harvey Kraft is author of The Buddha from Babylon, DOUBLE WINNER of USA Best Book Awards in 2 categories: HISTORY - General (nonfiction) & RELIGION - Eastern Religions

How Taking A Ride In Your Mind Can Change Your View

You take a vacation.

You read.

You watch a show.

These are three ways to transport your mind. Like most I've always enjoyed the experience of self-transporting for entertainment reasons. In the past 16 years I came to live in paradise (I call it my post-urban era), which feels like being on vacation nearly every day. Here at home on the Pacific Coast I have come to feel it natural to indulge my curiosity, reflect and contemplate on questions about how my mind works, which is where my mind likes to probe.

Here I've been all these years writing The Buddha from Babylon, which repeatedly has set me off on a self-transporting ride into the Buddha's universal mind. My in-depth exploration of Cosmic Buddhism had opened the scope of mind into a breathtakingly beautiful, profound and poetic vision of All Existence. Someone might call this experience a visionary meditation, but this was not a formal or traditional practice, I was writing this book and being transported by it at the same time.

I was seeing the unseen embedded in the wisdom poetry of mythic Sanskrit. One day Siddhartha Gautama personally shared a vision with his listeners (or readers if you are reading The Buddha from Babylon). Through it they all took a ride into a joyful dimension that he saw in his mind. It was called the Lotus Treasury Mind-World. 

It's my conclusion after taking the ride that as I did my mind expanded its scope. As a result it changed its perspective. I could see more, understand more, about all human beings, by being transported up to higher consciousness. In other words, the ride expanded my view.

"Having surpassed all levels of scale, where neither size, nor shape, nor substance mattered, he had crossed into a fantastic landscape. Vibrating lotus blossom garlands gently swayed in a pleasant breeze. The lotus flowers emitted beautiful music and, in turn, the waves of sound turned into colors and aromas, painting scenic Buddha-fields with psychedelic imagery and infusing the air with sensual delights.

This was the Lotus Treasury Mind-World, the repository of memories and potentialities, including all the manifestations that could be or could have been and all the possible conceptions that had ever or will ever emerge into physical, mental, emotional, or energy forms."

Join me for the full ride. Experience the entire cosmic vision from beginning to end by reading The BUDDHA from BABYLON: The Lost History and Cosmic Vision of Siddhartha Gautama by Harvey Kraft (SelectBooks NY).